Similė, UAB, is engaged in wood business from 2011.

Due to many works of experience in the field of wood processing we fulfill our customers’ wishes in professional, high-quality and timely manner.

Our main activities are production and trade in glued and fixed pine timber. For the local market we produce glued and connected floor boards, as well as interior and exterior panels. Products intended for export are fixed pine girders, trunks and shields suitable for furniture production of A/B/C quality.

Other wood services

We perform the services of drying, joining and planning.

Certified timber


Manufacturing process

  • Gluing

    Glued girders are made of thoroughly selected pine timber. Humidity of the used raw material is 8-12% and it is ensured by applying a mild drying regime by computerized dryers.

  • Processing

    Further timber processing operations are the following: calibration, cutting, jointing, gluing with cold presses, planning, milling and drilling.

  • Materials

    In manufacturing process we use D3, D4 and two-component glue.


In the course of our services we are always thinking about our customer; therefore, we set ourselves the highest goals:

  • Production on time
  • Ensure satisfaction of the needs of the customer
  • Flexible production prices/li>
  • Becoming the best in the market